Case Study with Data Society


A Case Study on Merging Historical and Updated Data Queries for Google Analytics Reporting


Data Society is a leading provider of cutting-edge technology solutions and custom workforce development programs for both commercial and government clients. Data Society was supporting a leading national organization in developing a marketing analytics and recommendation platform to help optimize marketing efforts. BBB Techs provided Data Society with specialized Power BI development expertise in deploying stable pipelines, and rapidly deploying dashboard that helped intuitively visualize key datapoints.

BBB Techs was able to provide an expert to assist with the project. The primary role has been supporting and proving the data from Google Analytics in a format that can be used in order to merge historical and update data queries in Power Query.

BBB Techs has been extremely supportive in offering their technical proficiency, providing staffing solutions and delivering comprehensive knowledge in the field. They have a wealth of experience and offer a team of capable experts to establish resilient pipelines, alongside well-documented code. They have been instrumental in project scoping and are quick to jump on calls and begin work.

-      Dmitri Adler, Co-founder


  1. Skilled resource that understands client data needs and requirements
  2. Develop and implement new GoogleAnalytics pipelines
  3. Create interactive dashboards that allow for easy visualization of data and insights
  4. Update existing Power Queries


  1. BBB Tech’s expertise and instant recommendations led to the implementation of an existing pipeline that resulted in cost savings for the project
  2. With the help of BBB, the team was able to boost their confidence in using Power BI and were able to take on more work themselves
  3. Identified and address data quality issues, resulting in more accurate and reliable insights being presented in the dashboards

Key Results

3+ Days

Saved from having to research.

150 Senior Leaders

Benefited from Dashboard Created

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