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Hiring can be a lot of work and the stakes can be high. A bad apple can do a lot of damage to your company culture. You send us the application and we'll handle the applicant's and connect you with the best ones.

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High Character, High Quality Talent

It's not difficult to find employees with the skills necessary to do the job. The hard part and maybe more important part is finding high character employees that will contribute positively to your company culture and fit in well with your team. We put a focus on and excel at that part so that you don't have to worry about it.

High Character Employee

Deep Character Evaluation


We start with a screening interview to meet the candidate, learn about their work experience and learn about them as a person.


We check each applicants social media accounts to learn how they interact with and treat others.


We check references and then dig deeper to find out more from other previous co-workers, bosses and employees.


We send you the candidates that check all of the boxes necessary to be a good fit for you.

Character Evaluation Interview

Our Process

  1. You send us the job description, salary and benefit details, and anything you want us to know about your ideal candidate.
  2. We set up a job post online.
  3. Each application and resume is reviewed and either moved on to our next stage or rejected at that time if the fit is clearly not right.
  4. We find the applicants online and dive into their accounts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  5. We set up screening interviews with the best applicants to ask them questions about previous work experience, skills, career goals, and work preferences.
  6. When we find a great candidate, we introduce them to you and let your people handle the next interview before you make a final decision.
  7. You only pay us when you hire a candidate that we found for you.
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A few clients we've found great talent for:

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