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The BBB Techs are the best of the best. Our team has experience helping fortune 100 companies adapt to new technology and improve their processes and operations.

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We're a young team of digital experts ready to jumpstart your business. In a world where technology is  constantly changing, you need somebody who has lived with technology from an early age. Our team of rock star consultants started their careers in technology and quickly became experts in their fields. Our resourceful, creative, and innovative team brings lasting change to you and your organization.


Tim Blake

Tim, a dynamic young CEO, is dedicated to driving business transformation through data-driven insights. With expertise in the Microsoft 365 universe, he emphasizes that technology adoption alone is insufficient; true success comes from empowering teams to extract meaningful insights and drive innovation.

As a Subject Matter Expert for Microsoft Office 365, Tim collaborates with Fortune 100 companies like Blackstone, JnJ, and Mastercard. He facilitates the Office 365 Customer Immersion Experience program, engaging with key decision-makers and conducting global training sessions.

Beyond his role, Tim is committed to maximizing profits and unleashing business insights. Passionate about driving change through technology, he shares expertise in Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, OneDrive, Office, Skype for Business, and Power BI, aiming to empower organizations for innovative and sustainable success.

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Victoria Blake
Senior Managing Director - Business Development

Meet Victoria, a tech-savvy professional with a passion for leveraging data to drive business growth. With a Master's degree in Business Administration and over 6 years of experience in the field, Victoria is a seasoned act who excels in business analytics and data visualization. Her expertise in SQL, SAS, and Power BI has allowed her to analyze complex data sets and develop meaningful insights that have led to strategic decision-making and increased revenue for her clients.

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Noah Miller
Chief Marketing Officer

In just the past year, Noah Miller has built more than 10 brands, designed websites for more than 10 companies, and led marketing efforts to boost sales for multiple businesses. He leads our marketing efforts and manages our brand and website. He is also available to our clients seeking help in marketing, branding, and web design.

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Liam Barber
President - Finance & HR

Meet Liam, a seasoned small business consultant with over 5 years of experience in finance, human resources, and operations. As a part owner in his own consulting firm, Liam is not only a trusted advisor to his clients but also a crucial member of the team in making the company thrive. His expertise in these areas has made him a go-to leader in the industry, helping numerous small businesses grow and succeed. With a track record of delivering practical and effective solutions, Liam is known for his ability to simplify complex business challenges, allowing his clients to make informed decisions and achieve their goals.

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Steve Brewer
Senior Managing Director- Sales & Client Relations

Steve Brewer or “Brewer” as we know him around the office,  is a dynamic leader with a diverse background in technology, sales, and business management. As a Senior Managing Director at BBB Techs, he brings a wealth of experience in driving strategic direction and fostering operational excellence.

Beyond his professional achievements, Stephen is a devoted family man and an active member of his community. His commitment to fostering a culture of success and his dedication to achieving organizational goals reflect his passion for excellence. Stephen's unique blend of strategic vision and hands-on experience has positioned him as a trusted asset to BBB Techs and our commitment to excellence.

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Shannon Lynch
Senior Power BI Trainer
Merna Mohsen
Executive Assistant
Matan Ruggiero
Field Support Specialist
Miranda Brewer
Excel Trainer
Terrance McCleary
Sr. Power Automate/Power Apps Developer
Zakaria El Halali
Sr. Power BI Developer
Adrian Salem
Account Manager

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